Why fish with Lures?  

Fishingi with lures is the fastest growing area of recreational angling in the UK. Why is that? Because it’s not only one of the most successful methods to catch predatory fish, but also one of the most active and exhilarating methods. Much more fun than sitting, peering at a static rod tip for hours on end!

Whether it be surface lure fishing for bass or pike, or ultralight techniques for trout in a chalk stream, the lure angler is always active and constantly adapting his technique in order to outwit the fish.

I specialise in offering lure guiding expertise throughout the Wessex region. Whether it’s in the sea or freshwater, daytime or night-time, I can show you how to make the most of lures and techniques to catch predatory fish. Target species include BASS, PIKE, WRASSE, PERCH, POLLACK, CHUB, SCAD (horse mackerel) & TROUT amongst others.

The Wessex region

The area of Wessex encompasses some of the best lure angling territory in the country. From the coastline of Dorset, Hampshire, and Devon, to the chalk streams and rivers of Dorset and Hampshire, and the picturesque canals to the north and west of the region.

I can tailor a guiding session to suit one specific species or a variety of species that you want to catch, and suggest the best location, time of day, season, etc., to help you succeed. Not just to catch your target on the day but, more importantly, to understand how and why so that you can use your newly acquired knowledge time after time.