The silver slab that everyone wants to catch! Bass are very obliging in that they will take many types of lures, in all sorts of conditions. Hard fighting, they’ll try to shake the hook with thumping head shakes. Surface luring for bass, especially at night, is awe-inspiring stuff!


From spring through to the end of December or even into January.


Bass feed both in the day and during the night so sessions can be a full day or half day, early mornings or evenings into fully dark.


Primarily the Dorset coast although Hampshire or South Devon can be accommodated if required/necessary.

Tackle & Lures

The full range of lures can catch bass in the right circumstances. Longer rods (8’-9”) in the medium weight range, coupled to reels with 20lb braid


Some bass marks can be difficult to access and a reasonable level of fitness is required. Easy access marks are available too (specify when booking). Catch and release are practiced, one fish of appropriate size may be taken (except in close season).