There is hardly a finer looking freshwater fish than the proud perch, a feisty fighter which bristles with spines and stripes. Can be caught on lures using many techniques but the larger ones need to be singled out using bigger fish tactics


The perch can be caught throughout of the year.


Mostly a daytime feeder, so daytime sessions of either full or ½ days can be booked.


The rivers of Dorset and Hampshire in the summer and autumn months moving to the canals in the winter.

Tackle & Lures

Perch can be targeted on most lure types, the most successful on a given day is determined by a number of factors. Shortish rods (7’-7’6”) in the light range coupled to reels with 10-15lb braid although ultra lighting is great fun on the canals and is my preferred method.


The location for sessions for perch will be decided near the date of the booking dependant on forecast conditions. You will need a valid rod license. Day tickets will be purchased where necessary.