The bruiser of the sea! Once hooked, the wrasse will do everything in its power to return to its bolt hole amongst the rocks and kelp. One of the most colourful fish in British waters, it fights well especially in the early stages and will test tackle, particularly the line, as it rubs on the sharp rocks found near the wrasse’s home


Often thought of as a summer only species, the wrasse can be caught throughout most of the year along the Wessex coast but summer and autumn is generally best.


The wrasse only feeds in the day, so daytime sessions of either full or ½ days can be booked.


Primarily the Dorset coast although South Devon can be booked if required

Tackle & Lures

Although wrasse can be caught on hard plastics, soft plastics are more successful and consistent wrasse catchers. Shortish rods (7’-7’6”) in the medium light range coupled to reels with 20-30lb braid


Some wrasse marks can be difficult to access and a reasonable level of fitness is required. Easier access marks are available too (specify when booking).